MariaJadeStudiosLLC – Maria Jade – Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant Part 2

I got home from school and found my stepmom maria sitting in the kitchen texting. things have been a little awkward since her and aunt coco jerked me off to get a sperm sample but i had to remember it was all for a good cause. my dad and maria desperately wanted to have a baby and my dad had a weak sperm count and they couldn’t conceive. maria and aunt coco came up with a plan behind dads back, they would use my sperm to get maria pregnant and that way the baby would look like dad. last week the got a sample of my sperm and the test came back strong. maria told me all that plus she was ovulating and we need my sperm to do its job asap. i asked her if we were headed to the doctors or some sort of clinic. she said no, that way would be really expensive and my dad would find out. she said were gonna have to go into the bedroom and do it the old fashion way. i was really shocked and nervous but she said it would all be ok. once in the bedroom maria had me take my clothes off and said she would keep her top on since we didn’t need her boobs to get pregnant, i was little let down to hear that. she got some lube and made sure i was nice and the she implied herself on my cock. she tried to maintain and attitude of calm by telling em it was all alright and not to worry but i could see the intensity building in her eyes. before she was having a mind blowing orgasm on my cock and i just kept thrusting up, when she came down for her orgasm high i asked if she was alright. she just told me im a lot bigger then dad and it takes some getting use to but i knew the truth, she was get cock buzzed on my dick. we fucked in a bunch of different positions and she came over and over again until i filled her up my nut. she told me we shouldn’t try again tomorrow when i get home from school since she would still be ovulating. This is part 2 of Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant, it stars Maria Jade . this is a Taboo impregnation theme clip

Studio: MariaJadeStudiosLLC

Keywords: Taboo, MILF, Creampie, Impregnation Fantasy, Pregnant

Starring: Maria Jade

File Information :

Size: 1.2 Gib

Duration: 00:10:40 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0987_Mariajadestudiosllc Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant Part 2_.mp4 – 1.16 GB

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