MariaJadeStudiosLLC – Maria Jade, Coco Vandi – Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant Part 1

I walked into my dad’s and stepmom’s bedroom because i heard my stepmom Maria crying. i asked her what was wrong and at first she didn’t want to tell me but i finally convinced her she could tell me anything. she told me that dad really wanted more kids and had been trying for months but she couldn’t get pregnant. she said her sister/ my aunt Coco was coming over later to show her some test results, aunt coco is a doctor. i found Maria and Coco in the kitchen a little while later and i asked what they had found. Coco said that maria was perfectly healthy and that my dad was the one with the problem. she said that dad had weak swimmers and would need to take medication to get his sperm count up. Maria knew that my dad was to proud to do that and i mention adopting as an option as well. she said dad was another kid from his own line, and he would never adopt for that reason. we were all quite for a minute and then aunt coco suggested me as a sperm donor and they the kid would look like dad and he would never know. my beautiful amazing stepmom turned to me and with a nervous expression asked if she could have my sperm. i was shocked but i agreed to help, aunt coco said she need me to give her a sperm sample, she gave me a sample cup and sent me into the bedroom. after a few minutes of trying i called coco and maria in and told them that i couldn’t do it. they asked why and i said i cant relax or focus, its just to weird. aunt coco said she really needed the sample to run test on and maria agreed. then aunt coco asked if they could help, at this point i was willing to try anything so i said yes. my sexy stepmom and beautiful aunt jerked me off into a sample cum and it felt amazing! when we were finished aunt coco said she was gonna run her test and let us know. the when maria started ovulating we could get her pregnant, i figured we would go to a clinic but boy was i wrong! This is part 1 of Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant, it stars Maria Jade and Coco Vandi. this is a POV Taboo CFNM Impregnation Handjob Scene

Studio: MariaJadeStudiosLLC

Keywords: Taboo, MILF, Handjobs, Impregnation Fantasy, CFNM

Starring: Maria Jade, Coco Vandi

File Information :

Size: 1.2 Gib

Duration: 00:10:53 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0986_Mariajadestudiosllc Helping My Stepmom Get Pregnant Part 1_.mp4 – 1.16 GB

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