Making my Sister my Fucktoy Again – Gianna Gem – Primal’s POV Family Lust

Part One

Gianna and I used to have a really, really good kind of relationship. Sure, people say brother’s and sisters shouldn’t fuck, but, Fuck them. Best Sex Ever, for both of us. She used to blow me anytime know one was looking, like seriously she couldn’t keep my cock out of her mouth, and then when we started fucking? She couldn’t get enough, we’d suck and fuck 5 times a day if we were alone, and twice if we had to sneak it. I used to call her my little fucktoy and she would practically cum just from me saying it. Then, one day she tells me she’s “grown out of it” Well, now it’s the summer before she goes to college and all she is doing is partying, staying out late and fucking random dudes. She is a total slut and I want her to remember WHO’s slut she is. And with a little digging I find some of her party favors and it is just what I need to get her to just give in to what we both want

Part Two

Gianna has been acting like she doesn’t want the day by the pool to be us going back to how things used to be. Well, I but her coming in late and she is happy when she thinks I am going to let her off the hook. I take some time to watch her undress before going in and letting her know things are going back to how they were. She admits she misses when I would call her my little fuck toy and things go back the way they should be.

Starring: Gianna Gem

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