Making A Move On His Mom ( PART 4 ) – NASTY FAMILY – Betty

Making A Move On His Mom ( PART 4 ) – NASTY FAMILY – Betty

This young man comes into the living room and finds his stepmother sitting on the couch in the living room. She was out tonight with her sister and a couple of girlfriends. His Mom isn’t a big drinker, but her sister Betty is. He makes small talk with his Mom about her life in general. When he asks where his dad is, his mom says he’s working late again. Her son tells her that it’s wrong for his father to treat her this way. When she asks him to elaborate, her son tells her that he has seen his father with a neighbor lady just a few houses down and he knows they are having an affair. His mom is flabbergasted. Her son sees an opening here that he’s always hoped for. He makes a move on his mother and to his delight she doesn’t rebuke him. She takes him to her room and makes passionate love to him. She knows that he has a smoking fetish so she lights up a long white VS 120mm cigarette and lets her stepson fuck her any way he likes finally spewing his load all over her tits and chest.

Release: 22.04.2018

Price: $6.99 USD



Starring: Betty

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Size: 109.3 Mb

Duration: 00:06:21 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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