Maia humiliates & makes bro cum in pants with feet – Maia Evon – Bratty Foot Girls

Maia has seen the damage her brother did to their parents car. They’ve been letting him drive it as he needs it for work, but last night he stupidly drove it back from the bar and left a big scratch on it. She knows that will be enough for them to give the car to her instead and now she is gong to hold it over him. He begs her not to say anything and at first she refuses, but then she softens up and bit and agrees he does need it for work, but he shouldn’t get off that easy. She got off cheerleader practice earlier and hasn’t showered yet. She wants him to lick and gag on her sweaty feet and totally destroy him with humiliation if he;s to keep the car. That’s the least he can do! She tells him the price he has to pay and he knows there’s no other way out. He starts licking and kissing his sisters’s stinky feet, completely grossed out by it. She soon notices he’s getting hard from it as she rubs her other bare sole over his crotch, his throbbing cock under his shorts gives it away easily. Now she;s thought of an even crueler way to humiliate him as she makes him lay on the floor at the mercy of her feet. She continues rubbing his cock with one foot while smothering his face with the other till he can no longer handle his bratty sisters feet and blows a load in his shorts. Utterly humiliated she stands on his chest looking down, hands on hips and tells him this is his new place in life. As his little sisters foot bitch, she grins steps on his face and walks out leaving him a mess on the floor.

Starring: Maia Evon

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Size: 360 Mb Duration: 10 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


2005_Bratty Foot Girls – Maia humiliates & makes bro cum in pants with feet.mp4 – 360.29 MB

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