Lucy – Baby Sister Made Me Cum 3 Times – A Taboo Fantasy

LUCY GETS EVEN WITH HER BIG BROTHER FOR ALL THE TIMES HE PICKED ON HER!! WHEN HE IS SUFFERING FROM A VIAGRA OVERDOSE AND ASKS HER FOR “HELP”… SHE TIES HIM DOWN…RAIPS HIM…. AND MAKES HIM TO CUM THREE TIMES!!! Russ made a terrible mistake!! He took WAY too much Viagra!! Three or four pills instead of one!! He has the most persistent, angry boner you can imagine!! Desperate….he asks his Baby Sister Lucy for some “help” in getting rid of it. Lucy laughs at him….and says “I hear that, when you have a Viagra overdose like that….you can keep cumming several times…and that the ejaculations become very painful”. Russ just wants her to help relieve the situation in some way…but he is obviously not thinking clearly….and when Lucy says that she will only help him if he agrees to let her tie him up…..he foolishly lets her!! BIG mistake!!! This mean little Baby sister is about to get even with big Brother for ALL the bullying he ever did to her!!! Lucy proceeds to Raip him….and make him to cum three times!!! Lucy starts by sucking and jerking his cock until he cums. He thinks that’s the end….but oh boy…it’s NOT!! Lucy then mounts him and starts fucking him. He protests…so Lucy shoves her panties into her Brother’s mouth to silence him. Lucy rides him until he cums a second time. Then Lucy climbs off….and with her undies still shoved in his mouth….she yanks out a painful third laod with her hand!!! This baby Sister doesn’t just get mad….she gets even

Name Clip: Lucy – Baby Sister Made Me Cum 3 Times – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 17.04.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Fucking, Blowjob, Handjobs, Cumshots
Pornstar: Lucy

File Information
Size: 726.02 Mb
Duration: 00:12:11 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


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