Lost Bet – Family Manipulation – Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior - Lost Bet_shot

Lost Bet – Family Manipulation – Gianna Dior

BRAND NEW! Never seen before on camera, Gianna Dior… MUST SEE DEBUT!!
After dad almost caught sis blowing me in the living room, I decided to take my chances and ask sis to finish the job… after all, a bets a bet and she lost. But she was already one step ahead of me! I stood there at the cracked open door of her bedroom, watching my little sister play with herself. Getting more and more turned on, I hear her moans get louder.. I could tell she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her!
She finally catches me peering into her room. Gianna was totally embarrassed that I caught her masturbating, but it’s better her brother catches her and not some random perv…
You agreed to it sis, you lost our bet, now you have to finish me off!
No way! Dad might actually catch us this time!
A deal is a deal G! You have to finish me off
Ugh this is such a bad idea…
I know you want it sis.. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t
Gianna looks down at my bulging crotch, biting her lip. We both knew what we were doing was wrong – I mean we are related.. But that can’t stop us from doing what comes naturally.
My sister takes control of my cock, licks my long shaft up to the tip and shoves all 8 inches down her throat! The way she swirls her tongue around the back of my cock and strokes me off was enough to unhinge me.
I had to fill up her perfect pink pussy with my load.. But before I give sis my seed, I have to pound the fuck out of her! Sis always acts so innocent, but tonight she’s my little cumslut.. Watch as I give it to my own sister while our parents are completely clueless downstairs! They have no idea what a naughty girl their princess really is!

Release: 18.05.2018

Price: $25.99 USD

Studio: Family Manipulation


Starring: Gianna Dior

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Size: 1120.2 Mb

Duration: 00:28:46 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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