Late For School – Lilly Lit – House Of Fyre

Lilly is under the sheets when you come in to wake her for school. She doesn’t wake up, so you begin to touch her, just like you often do. You know it’s wrong since you’re her stepfather, but it’s hard to resist her tight young body. She finally wakes up, and she admits that she’s always awake when you come into her room, but she knows you love her, so she doesn’t mind you touching her.

Later, Lilly is stretching in the living room. You compliment her on her flexibility, and she says you should try stretching too. She encourages you to lie down and touches your legs, moving them. You’re not very flexible, so she massages your inner thighs, trying to get you to relax. She feels that your cock is hard and asks you how it feels to be touched by your stepdaughter. She suggests that you should do what you’ve both been fantasizing about.

Starring: Lilly Lit

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Size: 1.3 Gb; Duration: 36 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4

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