Kenzie Reeves – Stepdaughter Fucks Stepdad To Hide Lesbian Makeout – Spy Fam

It’s early morning and Kenzie and her friend sneak into her house after a long night at New Years party.They make it to her bedroom, loose their shoes and get on the bed and start making out, they both admit they’ve not been with another girl before. Just as her friend is starting to rub her pussy though her undies…enter dad
who wants to know WTF is going on, mom doesn’t allow this… your supposed to like guys…wtf !

So to prove she’s not a lesbo and make sure daddy doesn’t tell mom, she lets step-daddy take that virgin pussy. Step-daddy takes out the cock for her to show him how she’s not lesbo, friend is not happy about this and leaves. Kenzie then gets down to business, scooting over to the edge of the bed and putting dad’s cock in her sloppy mouth, quickly he starts to face fuck that hole as she flips over on her back and hangs that head off the edge of the bed for easy face-fuck access.

Dad tires of this after a minute or two and flips her around again and starts eating and rubbing that ‘virgin’ pussy of Kenzie’s as she moans in pleasure. It’s not long before he slips in dick into her juicy vag and starts pumping into her while she holds her legs over her head and he starts lightly chokes her while thrusting.

We get a switch to dad’s pov view about 1/2 way through the missionary pumping, soon after Kenzie’s legs start twitching as she begs daddy for more. Eventually dad makes her flip over on all fours and daddy takes her doggie while she moans for daddy to fuck daddy’s little girl pussy and treat her like a whore. There is much moaning and muted squeling as this continues for some time, with the camera switching between watching the bed from 10ft away and dad’s pov as he spreads dat ass apart. Kenzie can’t get enough and wants to ride daddy’s cock, so she hops on him cowgirl while moaning for more and angles are all over the place for a minute, as this transitions to reverse-cowgirl, and Kenzie starts moaning that she’s gonna cum all over precious daddy’s cock. Daddy hears this and starts pumping harder as we switch to overhead shot of this action.

When dad’s finally had enough Kenzie flips over on her stomach and edge of bed to suck daddy and let him finish in her sweet little step-daughter mouth (about 50% in mouth 50% chin area). When it’s over she says thank you daddy, told you i loved cock! cum still drips from her chin\mouth. Dad says I’m not gonna tell your mom… and dad asks if she want to do it again soon, maybe with her friend involved…suddenly she’s no longer interested but says thanks.

Decent scene, the post-cum ending doesn’t really match the “daughter’s” level of enjoyment and prodding during the scene, but whatever.

Name Clip: Kenzie Reeves – Stepdaughter Fucks Stepdad To Hide Lesbian Makeout – Spy Fam
Release: 01.01.2018
Studio: Spy Fam
Keywords: Taboo, blowjob, pussy eating, hardcore, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, cum on\in mouth
Pornstar: Kenzie Reeves

File Information
Size: 3962.4 Mb
Duration: 00:34:36 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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