Kendra, Margo – Guess Who – A Taboo Fantasy

THIS DAD HAS NO IDEA THAT HIS 18 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER MADE HIM TO CUM TWICE IN 10 MINUTES!!! MOM TIES DAD UP AND BLINDFOLDS HIM IN PREPARATION FOR A NIGHT OF KINKY SEX! MOM GETS AN EMERGENCY PHONE CALL AND HAS TO RUN OFF…LEAVING DAD THERE! KENDRA DISCOVERS HER NAKED, HELPESS DAD….AND SUCKS AND FUCKS HIM MAKING HIM EJACULATE TWICE!!! DAD THINKS IT’S MOM….HE HAS NO IDEA HIS DAUGHTER IS THE ONE FUCKING HIM!!!! Kendra’s Parents, Margo & Richard are getting ready for a night of Kinky sex. Margo is tying her husband down to the bed….blindfolding him….and is going to fuck his brains out in very kinky fashion. As soon as Margo gets Richard tied down….and is about to start their deviant sexual encounter….the phone rings!!! Margo goes to answer it….and wouldn’t you know it….there is an emergency at her Office!!! Margo has to run out the door….completely forgetting that she is leaving her husband blindfolded and tied up. When Margo doesn’t return….Richard starts to get worried…and begins calling for her. Kendra follows the sound of her Dad’s voice down the hall….and peers into her Parent’s bedroom to discover the shocking site of her Dad blindfolded and tied up. Kendra can’t help but notice her Daddy’s cock….and she is quite intrigued. Kendra approached Dad’s cock and begins to play with it….even putting it in her mouth. Richard has no idea that his Daughter is the one sucking his cock….he presumes, of course…that Margo has returned. Kendra climbs on her Dad’s erect penis and fucks him!!! Richard can’t believe the great Fuck he is getting….Margo’s pussy has never felt so good to him!!! Kendra finishes her Daddy off by taking his cum into her mouth….and then quietly sneaking away. Eventually Margo returns home….completely apologetic to her husband for forgetting about him….but Richard tells her that “somebody” fucked him good!!! They speculate that it must have been the horny Lady who lives next door. Margo calls Kendra in to ask if Mrs Wilkinson had come to the house earlier….and with cum still on her chin….Kendra tells her Mom that the neighbor did not drop by. For Mom & Dad….the mystery continues

Name Clip: Kendra, Margo – Guess Who – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 01.06.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Fucking, Cum In Mouth, Eye Glasses, Bondage
Pornstar: Kendra, Margo

File Information
Size: 703 Mb
Duration: 00:11:55 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


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