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I had just heard my Dad leave so I know it was just me and my Mom in the house, I quickly find her. I just wanna have a talk, I tell her I know we are alone and I have been having these urges. Every time I see my Mom I get all excited and I start to have these thoughts, I know they are wrong but I can not help myself she is just so hot. I tell Lexi I had enough and I need to act on my thoughts, Lexi is blown away but I do not care, I push her over and go to town. She isn’t gonna stop me I am gonna get what I need, at first, my Mom was pushing me away but after a while, I can tell she liked. I was just about to cum when I heard the door open, OH FUCK IT’S DAD!

Starring: Lexi Luna

File Information :

Size: 350 Mb Duration: 16 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


1988_Lexi Luna – Johnny Gets His Way and Fucks His Mom.mp4 – 350.42 MB

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