Jessie, Conor – Sister of The Night – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN CONOR FINDS OUT THAT HIS BABY SISTER IS WORKING AS AN ESCORT… HE BLACKMAILS JESSIE IN ORDER TO KEEP HER SECRET FROM MOM AND DAD!! ON THE FIRST NIGHT…HE DEMANDS A HANDJOB… THE SECOND NIGHT HE DEMANDS A BLOWJOB…. ON HER THIRD NIGHT ON THE JOB…HE DEMANDS THAT SHE TAKE IT IN THE CUNT!!! Poor Jessie!! She was all excited about her new part time job, working at an Escort Agency……she was counting the enormous amount of money she earned on her first night…..when her boogerhead Brother catches her counting the loot!! Conor sees his Sister dressed like a Slut and counting hundred dollar bills….and puts two and two together!! Jessie begs Conor not to tell Mom and Dad….but Conor wants to know “what’s in it for me”. Conor was actually expecting his Baby Sister to share some of the money with him, in exchange for his silence…but Jessie comes back with an unexpected solution…”I’ll give you a handjob if you’ll keep your mouth shut”. Jessie is pretty hot…and she’s working as a whore anyway…so Conor figures he’ll take her up on the offer. Jessie beats the cum out of Conor and sends him on his way. The next night after work, however…Conor again is waiting up for her. Jessie rolls her eyes and says she’ll jerk him off again if that’s what it takes to keep him quiet…but Conor figures his silence is now worth a blowjob!! Jessie reluctantly takes Conor’s cock into her mouth and sucks him off until he cums. It was the following night, however, when things really spiral out of control between the two Siblings. Conor is waiting up for his Prostitute Sister…and he tells her that he is sick of lying for her….that Mom is starting to ask lots of questions about Jessie’s late nights….so in order to continue to keep the secret….Conor insists that he gets to fuck Jessie. Backed into a corner….Jessie has no choice but to let her stupid Brother take a poke at her!!! Conor’s cock is huge….and Jessie complains that she is in pain…..that her cunt is sore from fucking strangers all night….but Conor shows know mercy on his slutty Baby Sister…and plows her hard until he fills her with cum

Name Clip: Jessie, Conor – Sister of The Night – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 08.08.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Blackmail Fantasy, Blowjob, Fucking, Handjobs, Taboo
Pornstar: Jessie, Conor

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Size: 1394.7 Mb
Duration: 00:14:02 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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