Jerky Girls – Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Wilson – Mothers and Sons

THESE MOTHERS COMPLETELY HUMILIATE THEIR SONS!! MRS. WILSON AND MRS. COOK ARE CALLED TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE… THEIR YOUNG BOYS HAVE BEEN BAD AGAIN!!! THE TWO MOTHERS TAKE MATTERS “INTO THEIR OWN HANDS”!!! MRS. COOK MASTURBATES MRS. WILSON’S SON….. WHILE MRS. WILSON MASTURBATES MRS. COOK’S SON!!!! Mrs Wilson & Mrs. Cook are both called into The Principal’s Office….because their stupid sons have been bad again. The two Women are disgusted with behavior of their young sons. While they are waiting to go into the Office….Mrs. Cook remembers an article She read indicating that young boys can be Humiliated if they are Masturbated!!! The Women decide to change places….and Mrs. Wilson Masturbates Mrs. Cook’s son….while Mrs. Cook Masturbates Mrs. Wilson’s son!!!! The two sons are extremely embarrassed and humiliated as the Mothers Jerk away. The Mothers threaten the boys….”If you boys don’t cum…we’ll switch!!!….and that will REALLY Humiliate you boys!!!”. With the threat of their own Mothers Jerking their cocks…..the two young, embarrassed boys politely ejaculate for the Mothers. Maybe this will Teach them a Lesson

Studio: Jerky Girls

Keywords: Taboo, Handjobs, Humiliation, Cumshots, CFNM

Starring: Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Wilson

File Information :

Size: 935 Mib

Duration: 00:08:29 min

Resolution: 1920×1080


Format video: mp4

0896_Jerky Girls Mothers and Sons.mp4 – 935.04 MB

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