Janna Hicks Family Album – Taboo Fantasy

When Janna married her new husband….she had NO idea that his young Step-Son Ricky would develop a crush on her!!! Watch as Ricky’s cock ends up inside his Step-Mom’s Cunt….over and over and over again!!! Included in this wild Family Album, are full versions of : “Ricky’s Allowance” “Jerking Off To Step Mom” “Step Mother’s Day” & “Ricky’s Bedtime Story”.

Ricky’s Allowance:

Step-Mom and Step-Dad are having a discussion about the household budget. With the recent purchase of their new boat….making ends meet has become very difficult. One area they look at cutting back is…..Ricky’s Allowance!! Step-Dad wants to continue giving Ricky is normal Allowance….but Step-Mom Janna has a different idea. She figures that Ricky is old enough to enjoy some of the “finer” things in life….so she suggests that, every Friday…instead of paying money to Ricky….that he can fuck her instead!! Step-Dad is agreeable to the new arrangement….so they call Ricky in….and, since it happens to be Friday….Ricky is allowed to ravage his smoking hot Step-Mother!!!

Jerking Off To Step Mom

Ricky’s new Step-Mom, Janna is Hot….SMOKING Hot!!! A boy his age, really has no choice…..she is a distraction!!! Today, while Step-Mom Janna is sunning herself by the pool in a skimpy bikini….Ricky does what any boy his age would do….he spies on her….and Jerks Off!!Problem is….Step-Mom catches him in the act!! Janna confronts him and decides to use his young, active libido for her own purposes…and throws him to the bed and says “I’m gonna sit on your face….service me!!”. Janna sits full weight on her young Step-Sona face as he eagerly worships her beautiful cunt. Then Janna orders him to fuck her good. Janna even offers to let the youngster cum in her mouth…as long as he promises that it will remain their little secret!!

Step Mother’s Day

Janna has sure married into a great Family!! It’s Step Mother’s Day, and her Step Daughter, Step Son and husband all shower her with gifts. But….the biggest gift is saved for last…..her Step son Ricky is going to fuck her brains out for Step Mother’s Day!!! Janna is thrilled!! Leaving Step Daughter Stevie and hubby behind in the kitchen…Janna takes Ricky by the hand, down to her bedroom…and the young buck gives her what she wants….a hard pounding to her cunt….followed by a cum soaking!!! “WOW!!….I can’t believe it! I get the Step-Dad’s money….and the Step-Son’s cock!!!” Janna exclaims!

Ricky’s Bedtime Story

Janna is the best Step-Mom ever!!! Each night, at Bedtime, she goes to her Step-Son’s room to read him a Bedtime Story. Ricky REALLY enjoys her Bedtime Stories!!! Today, after reading a particularly “spicy” Bedtime Story….Janna sees that the young boy is very aroused….so she offers to give him a Bedtime Blowjob. Ricky eagerly accepts the cock sucking offer from his Hot Step-Mom. After a few minutes of some unbelievable cock sucking….Ricky asks Janna if he can have a Bedtime Fuck. Janna tells him that she must rturn to her room, before Ricky’s Step-Dad misses her….but she can oblige him with a quick Bedtime Fuck!!! Ricky pounds his Step-Mom so hard, that he falls resting on her after he cums!!!

Starring: Janna Hicks

File Information :

Size: 4.5 Gb; Duration: 44 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


2268_Taboo Fantasy – Janna Hicks Family Album_.mp4 – 4.50 GB

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