It’s So BIG, Daddy – Taylor – TabooTails

Will you come lay with me on the bed, Daddy? I’ve already touched your cock now, Daddy…so can I please touch it some more? I have these naughty thoughts, Daddy, when I tease the boys at school…I want to feel a big cock in my hands, and I know you have one! Lay back, Daddy, and let me play with it until it feels good.. It’s *SO* big, Daddy!! I’ve never seen one like this up close…it’s almost as tall as my head Daddy! I love the way it feels in my hands, and I can feel your pulse in your long, strong shaft.. Let me just lay here between your open legs, and stroke it faster and faster Daddy. I can see the head getting all swollen and purple….does that mean you’re about to cum, Daddy? Am I going to feel your warm cum all over my little fingers?!.. OhmyGOD, Daddy!…you’re cumming!…*gasp*.. There’s SOO MUCH, DADDY!!! Includes : Handjobs, POV Cock Worship, Daddy/Daughter with Taylor Gift @thegiftoftaylor You’ll also like.. Holding on to Daddy Come Closer Daddy Daughter Busted and Belted.

Starring: Taylor

File Information :

Size: 927 Mb; Duration: 8 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


0073cs_Tabootails_Its So Big Daddy_.mp4 – 927.28 MB

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