I Banged My Step-sister When She Visited Me At College – Winter Bell – Family Boxxx

So there I was last weekend, just hanging out in my dorm room fucking around when all of a sudden my little step-sister, Winter, decided to come and visit me. Truth was, she was actually there to fuck her ex-high-school boyfriend at his fraternity house. Well I guess when she walked into his bedroom he was already balls deep in some little sorority slut. Needless to say Winter didn’t take it so well and she needed someone to console her. At first, when she barged in my room, she was a total mess, but once I assured her how beautiful she was and that her ex boyfriend Chip was an idiot, she calmed down a bit. I went on to tell her that if she wasn’t my step-sister I would ask her out in a second. Well I guess I hit a little soft spot with Winter cause next thing you know she totally attacked me. She started rubbing my cock on the outside of my pants and pretty soon she pulled it out and started jerking it. A minute later she blew me and from there things just escalated. I ended up banging my smoking hot step-sister and I got to tell you, her pussy felt incredible. Eventually she made me shoot my load and she started rubbing it on her. My step-sister is such a little freak. Once we were done fucking, she promised to come visit me again soon. I hope next time she’s gonna bring one of her friends for me to fuck and maybe we’ll have a threesome. Wouldn’t that be nice. Boo Ya!

Starring: Winter Bell

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Size: 229 Mb; Duration: 11 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


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