Holiday Lessons – Summer With Aunt May – DDF

I have an unhealthy sexual attraction to my aunt. She had also caught me masturbating once and strongly hinted that she liked what she saw. Since then, I’ve been going crazy thinking about her, and I just wanna fuck her real bad. My uncle past anyway about 10 months ago and my aunt hasn’t been the same since, so I told her that I would stay with her for the holidays and help her out in any way possible. I came downstairs because I heard some noises in the kitchen late at night and wanted to make sure everything was ok before my aunt woke up, but to my surprise it was my sexy aunt standing in the kitchen in silence thinking about her husband. I came up to her and asked if she was ok and If she needed anything. We ended up talking for awhile and one thing led to other, I got up and held my aunt in between my arms to make her feel better but I couldn’t help myself and reached down and grabbed her ass while I started to kiss her on her neck. She pushed me away and nervously told me that we should just forget what had just happened and go to sleep. We both agreed and I felt very embarrassed and walked off to my room to relieve myself of all that sexual tension that I had just created while holding her tightly against me and feeling her hot body pressed against my slowly growing cock. I lay on my bed and started to masturbate thinking about what would have happened if my aunt would of let me have my way with her at that moment. She must of heard me because a few minutes later she walked in on me and saw me masturbating while mentioning incestuos thoughts about fucking her and rubbing my cock on her silky ass. She sat down next to me on the bed, we both shared our thoughts on what had happened before but the more confident we felt talking about what we needed from each other the more we wanted to go ahead and fuck. I came closer to her held her by the arms and kissed my aunt on the lips and my erect penis pressed against her she paused for a second and when I thought it would all end…Aunt lost control, took out my cock and started sucking like she wanted it more than anything in the world.

Studio: DDF

Keywords: blowjob, doggystyle, missionary, handjob, kissing, Taboo

Starring: Aunt May

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Size: 783.9 Mib

Duration: 00:24:48 min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4

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