Giving Up My Virgnity to Stepdad – Lexxi Steele – Taboo Heat

I walk into my living room one afternoon to find my stepdaughter, Lexxi, crying on the couch! I ask her what is wrong, and she explains to me how she thinks that she’s going to pass away from the coronavirus because she is a virgin! “The coronavirus affects everybody; not just virgins!” I explain to her. “No, step-dad! Everyone at school told me that only virgin’s pass away from it! Can you please help take my virginity, so I won’t pass?” she begs me. “It’s so hot!” my stepdaughter exclaims, as she walks into my bedroom. She starts to pull her shorts down and she pulls her shirt up as well. “What are you doing? Your stepmother is home! You can’t be naked in here!” I tell her. She tells me that it is too hot in the house to keep her clothes on. She also insists that we do another quickie before her stepmother walks back upstairs. Lexxi pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts and she starts to suck my cock. Lexxi is masturbating in the living room while moaning “stepdaddy” over and over. Her stepmother, Cory, walks into the room and she catches our stepdaughter masturbating! “Were you just moaning the name stepdaddy?” Cory questions her. “No, stepmom!” Lexxi exclaims. After I watch my wife leave the room, I sneak into the living room and tell Lexxi to be more careful around the house! She doesn’t listen to me and she pulls her big tits out which makes my cock hard. She pulls my hard cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob. Lexxi tells her stepmother “When you took my lesbian virginity, it didn’t count! My friends said I need to have a man to take my virginity and that’s the only way I won’t pass from the coronavirus!” My wife explains to me how my stepdaughter doesn’t want to pass from the coronavirus and she really wants me to take her virginity. “Let’s play a game! Whose pussy is tighter, me or your stepdaughter?” Cory suggests to me. This is a lose-lose situation and I don’t like it, but I do want to play the game!

Starring: Lexxi Steele

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Size: 2.35 Gb; Duration: 58 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


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