I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when my son Kyle arrived from school. He told me that he aced it. I was so happy because I helped him a lot to study this week. He asked me what happened today, I told him nothing exciting except for the fact that the shower next to his room broke. He’s gonna have to use the one in my bedroom tomorrow morning, we’re going to have to share it until it gets fixed. The next morning, he comes in to take his shower, but I was about to go in. So I asked him to be quick. I left the room to leave him alone. It was taking forever! So I came back in, I didn’t have time to wait no more and I couldn’t be late for work, so I decided to jump right in with him. French girls are kindda wild I guess! Featuring Kyle Balls from WCA Productions.

Starring: ImMeganLive

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0039cs_ImMeganLive French Stepmom Showering With Son Part 1_.mp4 – 616.49 MB

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