My son’s shower wasn’t fixed yet, Day 3, he really wanted to get up earlier so I could have my shower all by myself, he did set his alarm, but he sleptt through it. He takes forever in there and I am not going to get fired being late at work because of him. So again I had no choice but to take my shower with him. Guess what, AGAIN he had that morning wood, of course! I let him play with his penis while I was showering but it wasn’t getting away and he couldn’t do it by himself. He told me that his friends would make fun of him and he wouldn’t be able to focus in class. I couldn’t let this happen to him, I made him swear not to tell his step-dad, so I helped him jerking off. I was kind of impress on how big it was, I had to use both of my hands! I gave him a real good handjob while standing in the shower until he asked me if I’d go on my knees to help and speed things up. That’s what I did, it got him so excited that he exploded all over me (implied)…I had to go back in the shower to clean this up. What a step-mom wouldn’t do for his son! Featuring Kyle Balls from WCA Productions.

Starring: ImMeganLive

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Size: 813 Mb; Duration: 07 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


0040cs_ImMeganLive FRENCH STEPMOM SHOWERING WITH SON PART 3_.mp4 – 813.54 MB

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