Filling In For Mom – Holly – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN MOM GOES AWAY FOR 6 MONTHS…HOLLY MUST FILL IN! HER DUTIES INCLUDE VACUUMING….COOKING DINNER…AND AT BEDTIME….SUCKING AND FUCKING DADDY!!! When Holly’s Mom goes away overseas for 6 months….Holly has to Fill In For Mom!!! Dad sits down with her, and goes over the list of duties Holly must inherit. Holly is anxious to begin her new role….so immediately after having the Daddy Daughter talk…she goes to work vacuuming the living room. At dinner time, Holly makes Dad’s favorite….roast beef with potatoes….and she even baked cupcakes for dessert!! Dad is very impressed so far…and tells Holly that her roast beef was even better than Mom’s!! At bedtime, however….Dad drops a bombshell on Holly!!! Dad explains that each night at bedtime….Mom and Dad usually make love…..and since Holly is Filling In For Mom…she should take over this chore too!!! Holly is reluctant…but Dad convinces her that it is perfectly normal for her to assume this new role. Holly gets her shorts off, and Dad can’t believe how smooth and tight her tiny little pussy is!! Dad eagerly licks Holly’s young cunt….and Holly even climaxes! Dad proceeds to fuck the stuffing out of little Holly….and tells her that this shall become a nightly event. Holly asks if Daddy sometimes wants to stick it in her bum hole too…..and Dad seems interested!!!!

Studio: ATabooFantasy

Keywords: TABOO, Older Man / Younger Women, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking

Starring: Holly

File Information :

Size: 1.8 Gib

Duration: 00:16:46 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0937_A Taboo Fantasy Filling In For Mom_.mp4 – 1.78 GB

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