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Two teenage girls, Allie (Gia Paige) and Beth (Avi Love), are sharing a tearful goodbye. They’d been in the foster system together for years — it’s like they’re sisters — but now Beth is moving in with a different foster family. For the first time, they’re going to be separated, and Allie is worried that Beth is going to forget all about her once she has a taste of her new life. Although Beth assures her that that’s never going to happen, when they hug then part ways, Allie’s sure she’s never going to see her best friend ever again.

Her hopes are lifted when she receives a phone call from Beth weeks later, inviting her to visit her at the family’s vacation home. Although Allie is hurt that Beth didn’t contact her sooner, she jumps at the chance to see her again.

When she later arrives at Beth’s new home, which is more luxurious than anything she’s ever seen in her life, Allie feels out of place. She feels even MORE out of place once she reunites with Beth and meets her new foster parents, Maria (Silvia Saige) and Shane (Steve Holmes). Beth is… different… somehow, and Maria and Shane give off creepy vibes with how intimate they are with Beth.

It doesn’t feel right. Concerned for Beth, Allie tries to privately ask her if she’s safe. Allie’s world comes crashing down when she learns that Beth has been having sex with Maria and Shane in exchange for stability! Although she’s horrified at the thought, when the family offers the same deal to Allie, it’s the hardest decision she’ll ever have to make.

Studio: PureTaboo

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Starring: Gia Paige, Avi Love, Steve Holmes, Silvia Saige

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