Family Feud – Aunty makes you a man – Korina Kova

This is my hottest taboo yet, and a lot went into filming this……You arrive home to hear your mother fighting with someone, she calls you into the kitchen and lets you know her twin sister your aunt will be staying with you for a while, you have not seen your aunty in over 4 years and you know that your mother fights with her all the time, they begin to argue in front of you about how you still zzzz in the same bed as your mother and how it looks really bad to everyone outside of family members, but your mother keeps insisting that it because you are so close and its nothing weird about it, later that night before bed your mother tells you why her and her twin sister had a falling out, its because she slept with your father and she has never forgiven her for that. After falling zzzzz you awake to find your Aunty whispering in your ear and climbing on top of you, you are frozen and don’t know what to say but she grinds you and is undressing telling you that she will help you become a man….she sucks your cock and you almost forget that your mother is right beside you, she climbs on top again and this time she slips you inside and takes your virginity, suddenly your mother wakes up and yells at her to get off of you, she kicks her out and comes to comfort you about what just happens, afraid that her twin sister is now closer to you then she is your mother starts to stroke your cock, then she lays back and you begin to tit fuck her perfect huge boobs, finally she climbs on top and fucks you, all positions and you cum in her mouth, she swallows your cum and loves how sweet her boy tastes This video is heavy taboo roleplay, with virtual sex, cloning effects and the hottest storyline.


KK plays “Aunty” and herself. An Mother and Aunty feud arises over son’s attention and introducing him to manhood. Aunty sneaks into bed teasing son and rides and sucks dildo but is caught by mother. Mother carries on the job and strokes dildo and fantasy fucks dildo before riding and giving oral till a fake load CIM.

Starring: Korina Kova

File Information :

Size: 2.19 Gb; Duration: 24 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


2394_Korina Kova – Family Feud Aunty makes you a – 2.19 GB

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