Eva – I Know What Daddy Likes – A Taboo Fantasy

EVA IS GROUNDED…BUT SHE ALWAYS SEEMS TO KNOW HOW TO PUSH DADDY’S BUTTONS!!! EVA STRIPS DOWN TO BRA AND PANTIES… SHE OFFERS HIM COCK SUCKING…..THEN FACE SITTING… AND SHE CLINCHES THE DEAL BY OFFERING HIM INTERCOURSE!!! EVA KNOWS WHAT DADDY LIKES!!! Eva is grounded…but she wants to go out to a Party. Mom is not home…and Eva thinks “maybe”….just “maybe” she may be able to convince Daddy to let her go. Dad is in his room watching a hockey game on TV, when Eva….all dressed up to go out….comes in and begs him to let her go. Dad pays no attention to Eva….as he is focused on the game….and she initially gives up. Eva, however….knows what Daddy “likes”…and she returns to his room a few moments later….wearing only her bra and panties. This time….Daddy notices her!!! Dad is mesmerized by the site of Eva in her underwear…and when Eva strokes his crotch, and offers to play with his penis….suddenly daddy isn’t watching the game anymore!!! Eva starts to suck Daddy’s cock, and offers to even swallow his load if he’ll let her go to the Party. Dad tells her that she will have to do “more than that” to persuade him…..so……..knowing that her pussy is absolutely delicious….Eva offers to sit on his face!!! Dad eagerly accepts that offer…and Eva lowers her beautiful ass onto his face. After licking her for a few minutes, Dad tells her that she can go to the Party if she’ll let him fuck her. She’s come this far…..and Eva doesn’t want to turn back now….so she agrees to let him have intercourse with her. Daddy fucks Eva really hard, and then absolutely soaks his little girl by cumming all over her tits. Dad is happy…..and Eva can go out. Eva Knows What Daddy Likes

Name Clip: Eva – I Know What Daddy Likes – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 06.06.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Face Sitting, Fucking, Pussy Eating
Pornstar: Eva

File Information
Size: 812.7 Mb
Duration: 00:10:49 min
Resolution: 1920×1280
Format video: mp4

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