Drunk Mother Takes Your Virginity – Lady Fyre

Drunk Mother Takes Your Virginity – Lady Fyre_cover

Drunk Mother Takes Your Virginity – Lady Fyre

You can’t sleep & you walk into the living room to find your mother drinking on the couch. You can tell by the look on her face she’s been texting your father again. She reminds you that he’s a de.adbeat. She gives you sips of her drink. She pours the rest of her drink into your lap & pretends it’s an accident but it’s obvious she did it on purpose. She suggests you take off those wet pants. Once she gets them off, she comments on how your penis is bigger than your father’s. You’re really growing up. She starts giving you a handjob not even realizing she’s doing it. But then she notices how hard you’ve gotten, and she remarks that she’s glad she made you feel good.”You’re not selfish like your father, are you? I’m going to show you how to make me feel good.” She turns around & shows you how to have doggystyle sex. You’re pounding away at her, but she’s frustrated because you’re not doing it right. This is your first time having sex, so of course you don’t know how. So she pushes you away & tells you to sit down. “I can’t have you going out in the world not knowing how to please women.” She rides you cowgirl style, demonstrating how to use rhythm to make it more pleasurable. Your mother cums on your cock, and then she gets off you & sits down on the couch to rest for a moment.She assures you that she’ll make you cum too, but she just needs a break. Trouble is, mom is so drunk that she falls asleep. You decide to just jerk off to finish, but your mom’s breasts look so amazing that you cum all over them. She probably would stay asleep but you just can’t resist rubbing your cum around her tits. She feels your cock on her & wakes up. She’s so angry & yells at you for taking advantage of her. Your mother will probably never have sex with you again. Was it worth it?

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Drunk Mother Takes Your Virginity – Lady Fyre_scr

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Drunk Mother Takes Your Virginity – Lady Fyre

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