Double Stuffed For Step-Mummy – Infinitywhore0

Double Stuffed For Step-Mummy – Infinitywhore0_cover

Double Stuffed For Step-Mummy – Infinitywhore0

This college girl has always had an odd relationship with her step-mum. They’ve always been close and she looks up to her… but also she blames her for how slutty she can be. However, her step-mum has always punished her in a very special way for getting distracted by her sexual urges. She gets a facetime call from her step-mumwhile relaxing in her expensive dorm and immediately knows she’s in trouble for partying and fucking men. Her step-mum has received a letter explaining what has happened and wants her step-daughter punished – by making her cum for her step-mum. The college girl knows what she has to do but still complains about it. She doesn’t want her college mates to hear. Still, she brings out the paddle her step-mum bought her and begins spanking her tits and pussy on her step-mum’s command. It always makes her horny and she knows all too well that her step-mum wants her to cum while she watches – so she can be sure that she doesn’t get distracted by men again anytime soon. She starts off fingering her wet cunt before using her favourite toy – again purchased for her by her very own step-mum. It’s a double ended dildo and fits her so perfectly. But her step-mum wants to make sure she cums hard and that all of her holes are sore, so she instructs her step-daughter to fuck her arse too. The college girl hesitantly agrees and soon has the double ended dildo bent around stuffing both of her tight holes at once. She bends over to show her step-mum her holes and fucks them one after another, sliding from one hole to the next, before double stuffing herself again while rubbing her clit and cumming explosively while crying out ‘step-mummy!’. With her mum’s hot punishment in her mind, she won’t be misbehaving again anytime soon.

File Size : 683 MB      Runtime : 10 min      Resolution : 1920×1080      Format video: MP4

Double Stuffed For Step-Mummy – Infinitywhore0_scr

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Double Stuffed For Step-Mummy – Infinitywhore0

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