Disobeying Daddy: Naptime – Kiki Cali

When I gently brat, to try and get in trouble, it has to be a bad punishment. I am supposed to try and be the bestest baby girl for my Daddy (Michael Masterson) and I was not acting that way. I had stayed up all night before, and Daddy knew what I needed and told me it was time for my nap time. Soo I purposely did one one tweet after Daddy told me to put the phone down and all Daddy was trying to do was help me by giving me guidance and direction. I choose to disobey my Daddy and so there was very real consequences for doing so. I need to learn to obey Daddy under all circumstances. So Daddy gives me 20+ with the biggest wooden spoon ever, a dozen with an evil heavy loopy implements, 80 with the bathbrush, and 18 to my thighs for not holding still. This is a very real ddlg relationship punishment and a little peek into our private life

Keywords: Taboo, Age Play, Daddy Roleplay, Hair Brush Spanking, Spanking, Teens

Starring: Kiki Cali

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Duration: 00:06:59 min

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