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I’ve been playing around with my boyfriend while my parents were out, but he left me tied up on the bed and never came back! Someone’s coming in, but it’s not him…ohmygod it’s Dad! I try to get out of my ties, but it’s too late…he sees me already, and I know what’s coming next! Turning me over while he scolds me, I know he’s going to see that my boyfriend just spanked me. My butt’s still pink, and it’s still a little bit stingy too…but I know that’s nothing compared to what Dad’s going to do to it! He’s taunting me, poking at my butt and making fun of my boyfriend for not making it redder..like the way HE’S going to.. I’m writhing back and forth, shaking my head and pleading for him not to punish me. Dad’s too upset to let me off lightly this time, and he starts spanking my bare bottom with his big stingy hands…mmmphh!..this really hurts! He keeps asking me what he’s supposed to tell Mom about all of this…laying into me with that scolding he does that makes me feel so bad! He’s taking off his belt, and now I’m REALLY scared! Please, Dad..not the belt! I can’t get away, and he starts whipping me…moving about from side to side…telling me how disappointed he is in me. Getting spanked by my boyfriend was fun…but this isn’t! Includes : Spanking, Bondage, Daddy/Daughter. With Ashley Lane. You’ll also like.. Pissy Daughter Had One Job Holding on to Daddy It’s So BIG, Daddy. Keywords domestic discipline, belt spanking, belted, belting, spank, daddy/daughter, ddlg, ageplay, age regression, humiliation, domination, whipping, @tabootails @ashleylanexxx

Starring: Ashley Lane

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