Dancing Grind – Madisin – Fell On Productions

Madisin is dancing by herself to music in her head, wearing tight light colored jeans. As she dances she occasionally rubs her hands along her chest and thighs, moving slowly and seductively fairly close to the camera. In walks her “son” – wearing something similarly tight (sport underwear) – and he is overcome with her movements. She is surprised to see him at first, but after he makes a comment about not knowing how well she could dance, she loosens up again and the two of them start dancing together for a few seconds before he pulls her close and they start grinding against each other. While grinding, he starts to feel on her thighs and butt before she pushes his hands away and pushes him back. She then starts dancing alone, seductively, but then he approaches her and they start grinding again. His groping starts getting more aggressive, and then he spins her around and starts grinding her hard from behind. Instead of pushing him away she starts grinding her butt into him and then he gets even more charged and slams her into the wall, Grinding her from behind. After grinding like this for a while, she turns around and faces him (her back to the wall), and they start deep kissing while still grinding. They start switching positions along the wall – her back against the wall, then his back against the wall – all the while grinding and groping before they finally fall to the floor

Studio: Fell On Productions

Keywords: Amateur, Old & Young, Barely Legal, Age Play, Taboo, Daddy Roleplay

Starring: Madisin

File Information :

Size: 1.1 Gib

Duration: 00:11:43 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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