Daisy, Josh – Game On – A Taboo Fantasy

IT’S A RAINY DAY…MOM AND DAD ARE AWAY…. SO DAISY AND HER LITTLE BROTHER JOSH DECIDE TO PLAY A BOARD GAME. THIS TWISTED GAME GETS THE SIBLINGS TO DO UNSPEAKABLE ACTS TO ONE ANOTHER!!! It’s a rainy day….Mom and Dad are away, out of town…..so Daisy decides to invite her younger Brother Josh to play a Board Game with her. It’s a new Game that Mom picked up at Walmart recently….and Daisy has NO idea what type of Game it is. The Game is called “Taboo”. Since he is bored too….Josh agrees to play the Game with his older Sister. After reading the directions, the two Siblings begin to play. The first card drawn is a little “odd”…..it requests that both players kiss. The Brother and Sister team kiss for a few moments…and then continue. The Game, however, gets increasingly BIZARRE!! Daisy draws a card that tells her to lift up her shirt and let the other player fondle her breasts!! It seems silly….but she doesn’t want to lose….so she lets Josh feel her up. When Josh draws a card that instructs him to pull his pants down….and insert his penis into the mouth of the other player….Daisy protests!!! Daisy picks up her phone and calls Mom to ask about this weird Game that Mom purchased. Not knowing “exactly” what Daisy was complaining about….Mom tells Daisy to finish playing the Game….Mom says “It’s good for you two to spend time together”. Since Mom seems to be in favor…Daisy hangs up…and proceeds to Suck Josh’s cock!! After a few moments….another card is drawn that instructs Daisy to “let the other player lick you in your “special” area”. Daisy removes her shorts and lets Josh lick her cunt!!! It seems weird to have her baby Brother licking her there….but Daisy says that it feels good. Josh rolls next…and he draws the “Taboo Fuckfest Card”!!! When they consult the directions….they discover that the Taboo Fuckfest Card means that they must engage in sexual intercourse with each other!!! Following what they believe to be Mom’s wishes…..the two Siblings screw each other’s brains out until Josh shoots a massive load all over his big Sister’s back!!! This is one Fucked up Game

Name Clip: Daisy, Josh – Game On – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 10.03.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Games, Fucking
Pornstar: Daisy, Josh

File Information
Size: 818.1 Mb
Duration: 00:13:44 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


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