Daddy’s Playboy Bunny – Sophia Sylvan

I’m taking selfies on the couch in my slutty Halloween costume, unaware Daddy is watching in the doorway! I takes pics of my face and tits, and even my pussy, showing off that I’m not wearing panties under my short dress. I’m finally allowed to have a boyfriend since Daddy has a girlfriend, and we haven’t had sex since she moved in. Daddy confronts me on my slutty behaviour and I get bratty, showing off my bunny ears and tail, teasing Daddy. You tell me that I’m not allowed to go out unless I do what you say. You have a date with your girlfriend soon so you don’t want to use your little girl but you make me show you what a slut I am, presenting a big dildo on a metal block and making me shove it painfully into my tight, wet pussy. You make me bring my little tits out and bounce and grind on that cock. It hurts Daddy it is so big! But I start to get into it, stretching out my little girl pussy before I can even see my boyfriend. You make me turn around and show off my big ass, my how it has grown. I take long, deep strokes, taking the whole thing like a dirty whore, obviously so hungry for Daddy’s cock. I look back coquettishly, Daddy is so hard for his little girl. I start begging to cum, getting that big dick so slick. You allow me to cum like a total slut, moaning and bouncing hard, my big ass moving with the rhythm. I thank Daddy politely, always grateful for dick, which always keeps my brattiness and disobedience at bay

Keywords: Taboo, Daddys Girl, Daddy Roleplay, Costume, Riding

Starring: Sophia Sylvan

File Information :

Size: 720.28 Mib

Duration: 00:09:42 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1274_Sophiasylvan Daddys Playboy Bunny.mp4 – 720.28 MB

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