Daddy’s Little Girl Is Naughty – Sophia Sylvan

I’m a naughty young schoolgirl, doodling nasty pornographic drawings in my bedroom and my Daddy catches me. He is not happy about it and he is also not happy about the alterations I made to my school uniform, which now doesn’t even cover my ass. He makes me got on all fours for a spanking, and discovers I’m not wearing my regulation white fullback panties, I’ve used my allowance to buy a sexy thong! Now Daddy is really upset, and he makes me put on my white panties and then get over his lap for a spanking. He spanks me over the panties at first and then pulls them down for greater effect. I squirm over his lap while he lectures me and protest like a brat about everything, but the spanking has a good effect on me and I’m soon respectful and promise that I’ll do everything Daddy wants. He caresses my red hot bum and then spanks it some more. I stand up, rubbing my ass and you can see me from head to white knee sock-toe.

Studio: SophiaSylvan

Keywords: Taboo, OTK Spanking, Spanking, Spanking M/F, Daddy Roleplay, Panty Fetish

Starring: Sophia Sylvan

File Information :

Size: 710.5 Mib

Duration: 00:09:37 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1276_Sophiasylvan Daddys Little Girl Is Naughty.mp4 – 710.46 MB

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