Daddy Will It Hurt? – Jennifer Bliss – JW Ties, Taboo Diaries

Dear Journal,

My boyfriend and I were talking about taking the big step and I was a bit nervous. We had fooled around a bit so I knew his penis was larger than any I had been with. My mom was never good at discussions like this so I went to talk to Daddy. He seemed really sympathetic and understanding which made me feel a bit weird. While we were talking I began to imagine being with a man like him. Before I knew it I was asking him to show me what he was talking about. Even though he was caught off guard I saw that it excited him too. He began to gently rub my breasts and pussy through my clothes getting me really excited. After he warmed me up he pulld out his cock for me to suck while he stretched my tiny pussy with his fingers. I’ve never had one this big in my mouth but Daddy seemed to like what I was doing. When he was nice and wet he slid behind me and spooned me while he slowly eased his cock in. Once he was fuly in he increased his thrusts until we were fucking hard as hell. So hard in fact Daddy blew his load inside me before realizing I wasn’t on the pill. Hopefully I cleaned his cm out good enough. Wish Me Luck Love Jennifer

Dear Journal,

After Daddy and I had our “Talk” I was almost ready for my boyfriend when he dumped me. I was on my bed in tears when Daddy came in to see what was wrong. When I told him he began to massage me and before I knew it I was sucking his cock. Daddy teased and fingered my pussy til I was ready for his cock then he took me from behind. He made me cum a few times then let me get on top and have some control. I rode him like a girl possessed and came hard a few more times. Daddy grabbed my throat and fucked me while I was laying on him which made me cum really hard. Daddy then threw me on the dresser and pounded me til we both exploded…… He came inside me again too. I’m Really Nervous Now, Love Jennifer

Dear Journal,

The other day I went to see Daddy at work on my way home from the Dr. I really needed his cock bad so I started sucking him right there at his desk. Almost as soon as he was hard Mom showed up and in a panic I slid under the desk. I kept sucking Daddys cock while Mom asked him about groceries. I felt so naughty that as soon as she left I begged Daddy to fuck me hard. He ripped off my pants and fucked me on his desk til I came then he pulled out and came on my belly. I was so disappointed I blurted out that I was pregnant and Daddy fainted. Now that I’m in my last trimester I look back on everything and it makes me smile. I got a real man and a family all in one shot and my bitch of a mother is long gone. She divorced my stepdad not long after we got caught fucking in her bed. I’m soo glad my boyfriend made me nervous,

Love Jennifer

Studio: TabooDiaries, JWTies

Keywords: Straight, Hardcore, Incest, Roleplay, Blowjob, Handjob, Tit Sucking, Groping, No Condom, Vaginal Penetration in Sideways, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl & Standing Doggy, Cumshot, Cum on Stomach

Starring: Jennifer Bliss

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Duration: 00:36:12 min

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