Daddy Spanks And Diapers Me – Kiki Cali

I was pretty sure I was home alone and big enough to take a little hit off my bowl. Well that hit was a little big by accident and maybe if it wasn’t, Daddy wouldn’t have heard me coughing even though he really was home. But he did. And he was not happy to walk down the hallway to smelling weed and then opening my door to a cloud of smoke. Oopsie! I wish I could laugh about this but Daddy did not make me laugh. He pulled me over into a position on all fours for him to have a taught ass to spank, which of course just made my spanking so much more stingier in this position! As if that wasn’t bad enough, Daddy pulled out my paci gag and gagged me before finishing my spanking. But my punishment doesn’t stop there…Daddy ripped down my little girl panties and reminds me that I won’t be having any access to these or any of my panties for the next week after what I just got in trouble for! A whole week! And then of course, Daddy took out my diaper. He even cruelly teases my little princess parts by first rubbing and then sticking a finger or two in my tight pussy before diapering it all up super snug! This is embarrassing and just not fair! I dont think I did anything to deserve THIS! Tags: abdl, ddlg, daddydom, babygirl, little space

Keywords: Taboo, Adult Babies, Age Play, Age Regression, Daddy Roleplay, Diaper Discipline

Starring: Kiki Cali

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