Daddy Smell Our Butts – Ondrea Lee

Me and my sister are always in competition, Daddy bought us matching outfits and wants to see his little girls try them on, we get undressed and compare our boobs, I think mine are growing bigger than sisters, We ask daddy! Daddy loves our butts and sniffing and smelling our butts. We turn around and stretch our assholes open and ask daddy which one smells better and we sniff each other and start to taste each other. Mmm my sister taste so good, Daddy’s cock is so turned on we beg for daddy to put it in one of us and I hold my sister while daddy sticks his dick in her. I get a bit jealous and I beg too, its my turn daddy! Daddy takes turns in his little girls pussies, putting his cock inside me and plunging it in a few times and then back in my sister, back and forth! I taste my sisters cum when daddy takes it out and puts it back in. We love to suck daddy together and taste our cum on daddy’s cock. We ride daddy bouncing on top and having so much fun with daddy, You taught us how to share daddy, we beg for your cum a lot and I want your cum daddy, we fight over who gets your cum but daddy has enough to share and can cum in both his daughters right daddy? Cream pie in us both daddy! Pov, virtual sex, daddy, daughter, sisters, taboo, ddlg, age play

Keywords: Amateur, Daddy Roleplay, Kink, Sisters, Taboo, Virtual Sex

Starring: Ondrea Lee

File Information :

Size: 1.35 Gib

Duration: 00:11:49 min

Resolution: 3840×2160

Format video: mp4


1605_Ondrea Lee Daddy Smell Our Butts.mp4 – 1.35 GB

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