Daddy, look at my Bra” 1 HOUR – Amy – FFezine

And he did look, seeing her young slender frame porcelain white and nude on his bed wearing nothing but a new pale blue bra and a beaming smile. Kneeling knees parted like she use to, her golden tosseld hair flowing over her shoulder unashamed, proud even he thought to himself. Reveling in the delight that he had seen so many firsts with this girl, and now her first bra, perfectly framing those tiny rose tipped breast that he knew so well. No time does not stand still, but slowly enough to burn this vivid moment forever in his mind, like so many other memories forever etched and although she was growing, it was clear that she was and in this way would be forever Daddies Girl, his special love. True this young woman was changing, growing and filling out, perhaps now would be the time to begin the other thing that he had talked of sometime, belaying her apprehension by saying in some time to come, when your older. Yes he thought growing harder, the time to start stretching her pink little anus is now…”let me get the camera honey, I want to capture this moment”, he Said

Studio: FFezine

Keywords: Amateur, Old & Young, Taboo, Barely Legal, Daddys Girl, Bra Fetish

Starring: Amy

File Information :

Size: 6.5 Gib

Duration: 01:01:37 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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