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Dear Diary,

After Maria helped the cheer leading coach take my virginity I discovered I liked being fucked senseless. I started fantasizing about being fucked limp all the time but I needed more. Thats when I started daydreaming about Daddy fucking me senseless too. A few days later the fantasies weren’t enough so I decided to seduce Daddy.

I dressed in my schoolgirl outfit and waited for him to come home. By the time he got there I was so horny I pretty much threw myself at him. I told him how I liked being bonked on the head and fucked limp which sort of took him by surprise.

From the bulge in his pants I could see he was getting turned on too so I tesed him til he whacked me on the head and I slid off the couch. Just like I asked Daddy carried me to the bed and started fucking me. Opening my eyes and seeing him fucking me made me cum harder than ever and I fell back on the bed limp once more.

Daddy kept fucking me and the next time I came around I begged him to fuck me harder. That pushed Daddy over the edge making him cum inside me. As his cum spurted into my wet pussy I started cumming hard and fell to the bed limp once again.

Next time I came to I was a bit wobbly but I needed more of Daddys hard cock. Daddy fucked me senseless several more times before I begged him to cum on my socks. After he came Daddy whacked me again then invited his friends over to take turns too.

They fucked me so good I stayed limp for hours. Daddy came in and saw me covered in his friends cum which made him take another turn. Daddy told me he came inside me again so theres a good chance I’ll wind up pregnant soon. Hmmm I wonder what getting fucked senseless while being pregnant will feel like??

XO Anastasia

Studio: JWTies

Keywords: Taboo, missionary, masturbation, cowgirl

Starring: Anastasia Rose

File Information :

Size: 1.13 Gib

Duration: 00:31:27 min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4


0842_Daddy I m Cuummmming – anastasia rose.mp4 – 1.14 GB

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