Daddy #5 – Missa X – Laney Grey

Daddy #5 – Missa X – Laney Grey_cover

Daddy #5 – Missa X – Laney Grey

Clare (Laney Grey) voices over as narration her thoughts while Michael (Nick Jacobs) is driving: (“That’s my soon to be stepdad, Michael. My God, isn’t he the most handsome man you have ever seen? My girlfriends think I’m crazy to have a thing for older guys, but he’s super cool. We have a ton in common -even like the same music”), as she taps her leg to the rock playing on the car radio.
The car arrives at the motel, and he declares: “Well, that was one hell of a ride, kid”. (“I hate it when he calls me kid. I’m almost 19 years old, for Christ’s sake. Oh no, please don’t get annoyed”), she voices over. “Hey, you’re not too tired, are you? Come, let’s check out the room your boss bought”, she suggests. “Okay, we can do that”, he responds. She kisses him, and they get out. “Oh, let me help you with that”, he offers, as Clare leans over to fetch her suitcase from the trunk, her rump sticking up in the air invitingly.
“Thanks”, she says. “Oh, it’s heavy”, he remarks, pulling it out of the trunk. “Thanks, daddy”, she says. They arrive at their room, and she says: “Oh, a king size bed”, bouncing up and down on it. “I emailed my boss for two beds, not a king size bed”, Michael complains. “I’ll call, sweetheart, and get this sorted out -no worries”, he promises. The front desk indicates they don’t have any other rooms available, and no cot for them to use. “I can just sleep on the floor”, Clare offers. …

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Daddy #5 – Missa X – Laney Grey

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