Corrupt SchoolGirls – Gia Deirza

Gia Dierza feels she needs extra help with her sex education and wants to get some one to one private session. She has a cunning plan she waits nearby the college staff car park for Mr Anderson the sex education tutor to come out to his car. Spotting him she moves in and asks him for some extra math tution. He reminds her he teaches sex education where upon Gia drops a pencil and she pick it up slowly so Mr Anderson gets a great view of Gia’s arse in her cut off denim shorts. Suggesting the go to her home as no one is there he agrees. At her home in the kitchen Gia lays it on by giving him a little booty dance he does not need anymore hints. He approaches her from behind and starts touching her up without resistance Gia says “I can do with some sex education”. Mr Anderson goes on his knees and give her arse some worship pulling her shorts aside gives her pussy some work as well. Standing up he spins her around lifts her top and busy himself on her small perky tits and nipples as he slips a hand down her unzipped shorts fingers and rubs her pussy as Gia moans and whimpers. His pussy rubbing and fingering makes her tits jiggle. Spinning her around over the sink he pulls her shorts down then buries his face deep into her peachy butt licking her arsehole flicking his tonge and swapping to the pussy and back. Pushing his finger deep into her pink wet pissy he find the spot and Gia reacts with pleasure. Gia now returns the favour and Mr Anderson leans against the sink as she knees down and sets to work on his cock with some deep blowjob taking him in to his balls gagging in the process. Pretty soon it is time for his balls to be given much the same as she tries and take both of them in her mouth. Mr Anderson takes over and give her face fucking making her gag each time. Gia is not protesting in the slightest as she reaches down and fingers her hairy pussy. Giving instruction Mr Anderson tells her to take both his balls in her mouth and jerk him with her hand. Gia is now in ecstasy as she leans over the sink and gets some standing doggy pounding. He grabs her long hair and pulls it back after looping it around her neck like it was horses rains pulling tighter her eyes roll up as she gasps for air.The riders soon change as she mounts him cowgirl on the floor her butt slapping against him as she rides. After a while Gia dismounts rests her pussy and gives her mouth some more work on him before riding him in reverse. before long Gia asks to be taught what it feels like to be filled with cum and Mr Anderson shoots his load into her when he withdraws Gia looks down at her pussy opening her lips and letting his load seep out satisfied.

Studio: Corrupt SchoolGirls

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Starring: Gia Deirza

File Information :

Size: 1.15 Gib

Duration: 00:26:47 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1020_Gia Deirza – Corrupt Schoolgirls.mp4 – 1.15 GB

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