Corrupt SchoolGirls – Emma Starletto

Emma Starletto had invited her friend Alex Jett to help her out in her studies; but she feels jealous and insecure as one of her girlfriends, Gloria is getting a better following on social media than her especially the photographs. In her bedroom Alex is trying to get her attention to start studying, but Emma is fuming about her friend and cannot stop herself looking at her phone. Emma on the bed Alex sitting on the floor with all the books. He asks her to start as time is getting on. Emma ignores him, she doesn’t even care that her very short skirt is showing off all her arse for him in tiny pink panties. Alex concentrates and the task at hand, Emma swears at the idea of doing the homework because Gloria appears to be more fanciable than her especially as a guy she likes fancies her more than Emma. Emma rants on about how she is better looking and can suck and fuck better than Gloria. Alex perks up saying that Gloria is still very good looking, taken the wrong way she feels he likes Gloria because of the number of followers. She tells Alex to take some pictures of her with her phone so she can gain more follows. Confused she explains she will show off her pussy and stuff; Alex starts to back track, but Emma is determined Alex gives in. Emma leans back and opens her legs telling him to photograph her pink panties Alex is now focused. Without hesitating Emma pulls aside her panties, his eyes nearly pop out but he gets closer to photograph her bald pink pussy. Emma suggests a photo of her arse and flips over her backside in the air and pulls her panties aside. Alexnow forgets himself utters so nice and asks may I to which Emma says sure. Alex buries his tongue inside her pussy. Homework is forgotten as Alex licks and sucks around her bald pussy and her pretty pink labia; Emma now has the much needed attention. As Alex feeds his hunger on her pussy she decides to photograph him in action on her and uploads it. Alex says as I have eaten you out how about she returns the favour. Emma goes straight down on her knees and gets his member out and starts sucking him off getting him again to photograph her in action on his dick. Sucking away in his shaft and balls, Alex suggest she should take her shirt off and get some pictures of her topless while she blows him she thinks it’s good idea and her perky tits with their erect nipples are in shot. Moving on Emma gets on all fours on the bed her small arse in the air where Alex removes her pink panties and inserts his well lubed cock deep inside her bald pussy as Alex added more pictures of the action to the collection. Alex withdraws and lays down on the bed Emma mounts him for some cowgirl action taking in Alex’s big shaft deep. After some serious riding Emma dismounts and places his cock in her mouth and Alex face fucks Emma as she gags. Emma’s pussy soon wants more cock and Emma mounts him again for more riding and tells Alex to fuck her harder still. So he rolls her off on her back and goes for missionary her blood swollen clitors and pussy eager for more Emma has her legs up and holds them back by her elbow opening herself wide so Alex can go deeper still. Alex groans I am going to cum withdraws his cock and finishes himself by hand and cums over her short blonde pubic hair and pussy. Emma says maybe this will be a good picture, a photo is taken of her cum drenched pussy. Emma is satisfied this will show Gloria she is way better than her.

Studio: Corrupt SchoolGirls

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Starring: Emma Starletto

File Information :

Size: 1.3 Gib

Duration: 00:29:01 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1018_Emma Starletto – Corrupt Schoolgirls.mp4 – 1.25 GB

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