Conor, Gemma – Arm Wrestling Challenge – A Taboo Fantasy

GEMMA CHALLENGES HER OLDER BROTHER TO AN ARM WRESTLING MATCH. IF HE WINS…SHE’LL DO HIS CHORES…IF SHE WINS…HE HAS TO FUCK HIS BRATTY BABY SISTER WITH HIS HUGE COCK!!! GEMMA’S WEIGHT LIFTING PAYS OFF…AND SHE WINS THE BET!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THE INTENSE PAINFUL POUNDING THIS LITTLE GIRL TAKES FROM HER BROTHER’S HUGE COCK!! Gemma knows that her big Brother Conor has a huge cock….and she Desperately wants him to use it on her…but he refuses to give his annoying Baby Sister what she wants. Since he won’t voluntarily Fuck her….Gemma has an idea. She has been lifting weights recently….and her arm strength has vastly improved. Her big Brother doesn’t know about her weight lifting….so he would be quite certain that he could defeat her in an Arm Wrestling Match, right? That’s exactly what Gemma is banking on!! Gemma challenges Conor top an Arm Wrestling Challenge. If he wins….Gemma will do all his chores for the month….but if She wins….he has to give his Baby Sister the Fucking that she craves. Confident that he can easily whoop his Little Sister, Conor takes the Bet. Gemma uses her newly powerful right bicep to take down her big Brother and win the Bet!! A defeated Conor reluctantly takes his clothes off, and lets his Baby Sister devour the cock that she wants so badly. Gemma mounts her Brother’s massive cock, and rides it like a crazy girl!! When Conor gets on top of Gemma…..he Pounds his Giant cock so hard and deeply into her very tight, little Cunt that Gemma is literally screaming!!! This Baby Sister takes an enormous Pounding that will leave her sore….but happy….for days

Name Clip: Conor, Gemma – Arm Wrestling Challenge – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 08.11.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Fucking, Big Dicks, Blonde
Pornstar: Gemma, Conor

File Information
Size: 1286.2 Mb
Duration: 00:13:20 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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