Claire – Spying On Daughter – A Taboo Fantasy

18 Year Old Claire is in her bedroom getting undressed, and she has accidentally left her door slightly ajar. Her Dad happens to be passing by…..and peeks in. The site of his Daughter’s firm young body, gets this dirty old man excited….and he Spies on her as she gets FULLY undressed! When 18 Year Old Claire is bare naked…she catches her Dad in the act of Spying on her!!! Claire confronts Her Dad, and calls him a Pervert. Turns out, however that Claire is….in her words…..”horny for doggie-style” because she hasn’t had it that way for a while. Her Dad is shocked to find out that Claire was even sexually active….but before he can protest…Claire is down on her knees, with her Dad’s cock in her mouth!! “Oh Daddy….you have such a big cock” Claire says as she sucks it to full attention. When Dad’s cock is rock hard, Claire bends over….sticks her sweet 18 Year Old Ass up, and says “C’mon Daddy….Fuck me hard!!!” Her Dad is smart enough to at least put on a condom, and with hesitation…he begins to Pound his Daughter from behind. Her Dad keeps stopping and asking Claire if she is sure she wants him to do this to her…and Claire yells at him “Stop asking me if it’s ok, and just Fuck me hard!!!” Claire’s Dad Fucks Her hard…and Claire even asks him to Spank Her Bum as he is pumping her, which he does. When Claire’s Dad cums inside her…Claire takes the condom off his cock….dumps his cum all over him and says “Don’t Spy on me anymore!!!

Name Clip: Claire – Spying On Daughter – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 24.05.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: 18 & 19 Yrs Old, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Fucking, Taboo
Pornstar: Claire

File Information
Size: 610.1 Mb
Duration: 00:08:37 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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