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Cindy has had a CRAZY night!!! Music, food, people….its all been so overwhelming! She hasnt had a vacation in a while and she is DEFINITELY enjoying herself! After another concert, Cindy is exhausted. So tired that once she gets back to her Airbnb, she falls out on the couch in all her clothes! She’s too tired to pay attention to her female intuition…an intuition that says…she’s being WATCHED. Cindy’s rental condo is owned by a very strange individual. An individual who has at least 13 cameras set up in the house…to observe…to record. The cameras aren’t the only addition he’s made to the house, however. There are secret entrances…secret vents..and a secret concoction he has invented to CONTROL the minds of women. As Cindy slumbers, the gas envelops her. She breathes it in…drinks it down…it enters her mind, body…even her soul. And once he is satisfied that she has taken enough…the individual ENTERS. He observes his slumbering victim…examines her lips…and decides what he wants. He awakens her. And of course she is shocked and frightened. She resists. But he convinces her with a few simple words…that she indeed DOES want to take all of this big THICK BLACK DICK down her throat. She hesitates at first…but then the desire fills her..envelops her. “Of course.” the individual thinks. They always fight at first. But his formula is ironclad. When he’s done with her, she will wake up thinking it was all a dream. Cindy crawls towards him…on her knees…with a burning hunger inside her and an all encompassing desire to use her mouth to please the stranger. Little does the individual know that Cindy inhaled TOO much gas..and her sexual desire is going to be more than he can handle….

Keywords: Asians, Cum In Mouth, Deepthroat, Face Slapping, Female Dick Control, Gagging, Handjob, Messy, Rimming, Skilled Hands, Sloppy Head, Taboo

Starring: Cindy Starfall

File Information :

Size: 586.2 Mib

Duration: 00:30:03 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1701_Dickdrainers Cindy Starfall Controlled Into Eating Black Ass Amp Bbc.mp4 – 586.17 MB

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