Cardio – Katie Cummings

Cardio – Katie Cummings_cover

Cardio – Katie Cummings

Katie asks her stepbrother for some help working out. He has a new at home gym set up she’s been looking forward to trying out. They begin with some light stretching and warm up exercises. Katie’s big tits and juicy booty can barely stay inside her workout gear. Her step bro can’t contain his erection as he stares at his step sister throughout every set. Katie is now leaned over the bench with her big ass in the air doing some reps for her back, Nito can’t hold off any longer and leans in to her behind so she could feel his hard cock through his shorts. Katie is surprised to feel her stepbrother’s erection and is a little intrigued. With all the pumping and sweating going on, maybe a new exercise can intensify the workout. Nito removes his stepsister’s shorts and begins hammering her from behind. Adrenaline is pumping in their veins as his cock pumps in and out of her wet pussy. After a couple minutes of doggy on the bench, Katie turns over to taste her pussy. Sloppy dick sucking is followed by some more pounding on the bench. Katie spreads her legs wide to show her flexibility as her step bro fucks her from the front. She moans louder as his cock slides in and out of her pretty pussy. Nito lays on the bench as Katie takes over and starts bouncing that fat ass on his cock. She cums all over his cock and let’s her stepbrother’s dick slide out of her one last time before wrapping her hands around it and jerking it til he explodes all over her sweet tits. Amazing workout, full of weights and sex cardio, both end up drained and ready for a shower. Not bad for a first workout session.

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Cardio – Katie Cummings

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