Bts 2 Brooklyn Chase Blackmail Bang – Lady Fyre – Laz Fyre

This is yet another BTS clip of Brooklyn Chase.Lemme explain. So I woke up this morning and someone had bought the pantyhose that I tore off of Brooklyn in this scene. He really wanted to see the completed scene but it just isn’t ready yet and we don’t even know when we are putting it out. I decided that since he spent all that money (Hundreds) on the pantyhose the least I could do is put together some BTS and actual footage from the parts of the scene that involved the pantyhose the most and send it to him. So, in this clip there is Brooklyn in the pantyhose sucking my dick, I tear the pantyhose off her and fuck her doggystyle. I also eat her out a bunch between takes because, well, that’s my thing. You can also see my wife, Lady Fyre filming the action. There is no cumshot. This is NOT a completed scene. There is a lot more to it and it will be released as soon as I can get to it. I’m shooting with a bunch of new women right now and just can’t dedicate the appropriate amount of attention to editing this clip. I know, POOR ME! Lol anyhow, if want to buy this be my guest but it was originally for the person who bought the ripped pantyhose that Brooklyn Chase was wearing while I fucked her.

Keywords: TABOO, Blackmail Fantasy, Pantyhose, Pornstars, Rough Sex, Submissive Sluts

Starring: Brooklyn Chase, Laz Fyre

File Information :

Size: 608 Mib

Duration: 00:10:53 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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0779_Laz Fyre Bts 2 Brooklyn Chase Blackmail Bang.mp4

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