Brotherly Love Redux – Mandy Flores Taboo

Once my brother confesses he’s into me, I can’t be mad at him for trying to blackmail me. I want my brother, it feels wrong but feels so good.

I’m going to want my brother’s cock all to myself.

Mandy, some of my all time favorite videos are your “Lost Bet” and “Pervert Brother” videos and I would love to commission another from you where your brother is spying on you while you are masturbating. This time he watches for a few minutes until you hear him bump into the door while he is trying to get a better look. The key to this one is that you are masturbating in your parents bed, drinking and using your moms dildo! So right away he lets you know you are going to do something for him or he is going to tell mom and dad everything. I think having him start with his obvious foot fetish, and then moving further along, you admit you have wanted to find out if all the rumors from other girls about how amazing he is sexually have you very curious. Do what you do so well and I think end with him cumming in your mouth would be perfect! …..Mandy Flores


Starring: Mandy Flores

File Information :

Size: 184 Mib

Duration: 00:28:44 min

Resolution: 850×480

Format video: mp4

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0798_Brotherly Love Redux – Mandy Flores Taboo.mp4

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