Brother Shows Sister How the Popular Girls Do It – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

“What’s the matter?” Alrik said sitting up to face his sister. Fifi was frustrated. Her brother was athletic, handsome, smart, and above all that, popular. Fifi felt like she’d never fit into high school. She still had no friends, no boyfriend, and everyone considered her the class nerd.

Alrik tried to comfort his sister, but Fifi didn’t understand why the popular crowd didn’t give her a chance. “You’re smart, you have a bright future ahead of you – don’t worry about it. Popularity in school right now isn’t something you should be concerned about,” he told her. The worst part about it was that Fifi knew her brother was right, that none of this mattered, and it wouldn’t once they were out of school.

But she couldn’t help the way she felt. “It sucks because I see these popular girls and they’ve always got all these guys’ attention, and then there’s me…and I’m plain, and I’m bland, and I’m boring, and I’m not attractive,” Fifi confessed, her insecurities now exposed.

Her brother tried to make his sister feel good, telling her she was cute, that her dress was nice, and that her eyes were gorgeous. “What do you like about a girl?” Fifi asked. “You like a nice body, right?” She knew that boys weren’t really interested in “cute” or “pretty eyes,” but instead a sexy, voluptuous body. “I don’t feel attractive,” Fifi said defeated. “I don’t look like the girls in school that are popular.”

“What’s wrong with me? Am I too big? Am I too fat? Is my chest not big enough?” Fifi blurted out with a cracked voice and glossy, blue eyes. Alrik didn’t want to really LOOK at his sister in that way, but still complimented her by saying she had a nice figure. “But how do you really know that? You’ve never seen it,” Fifi replied. It was true, he hadn’t, so Fifi asked, “Well, can you at least look and tell me if there is something wrong with me?”

Fifi quickly slipped off her dress, exposing her bare chest, and Alrik covered his eyes. “Alrik…look, is something wrong with my chest? Tell me,” his sister begged him. Although he was uncomfortable, he complimented her, now looking at his sister in a different way.

Although that secretly pleased her, Fifi wasn’t done – she really wanted to know if her popular, handsome brother thought she was beautiful, and if her body felt nice. And if there was something…anything that the popular girls did that she didn’t know about, she wanted her brother to tell her all about it…even if she had never done it before. Fifi was desperate for her brother’s help.

This clip includes: Fifi Foxx, Alrik Angel, brother/sister, nerdy sister confronts her brother about wanting to be popular, brother tries to comfort her but sister wants to know why guys don’t find her attractive, shows off body to her brother, makes him grope and touch her, brother confesses that the popular girls put out or do sexual things for boys, sister wants to learn, handjob, blowjob, sex education, fucking, sex, riding, taking sister’s virginity, cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, cum in mouth


Starring: Fifi Foxx

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