Breaking My Daddy’s Addiction – Taylor Pierce & Cory Chase – Bare Back Studios

Scene One: My daughter is so tight

I have a problem, I can’t stop watching porn. Any free moment I get I watch videos on the computer. “What the hell is this!” My wife yells as she walks in and catches me jerking it. Yelling at me about watching some young girl get plowed while she’s not getting anything. “Enjoy your fucking porn, I’m going to my sisters.”

In the other room my daughter Taylor can hear everything. She’s so worried about her parents splitting up that she comes in to talk to me. “I heard you and mommy yelling. I can help you with your addiction to porn.” She says sheepishly. She bites her bottom lip as she pulls up her shirt and shows her cute perky tits.

My eyes go wide as I look at her and not the movie. She keeps my attention, getting to her knees and seducing me with her hands and mouth. I can’t help myself, she’s too aggressive and beautiful for me to stop her. Taylor slides off her shorts and spreads her legs for me and I pour my sexual addiction into my hot young daughter, fucking her tight young pussy and cumming into her sucking mouth. She is determined to keep her mommy and daddy together, no matter what it takes.

Scene Two: While Mom Showers

I reach over to my beautiful sleeping wife. “I’m not letting you touch me until you’ve stopped watching porn you fucking pig” She yells at me and leaves the bedroom in a fury.

Taylor heard what her mother said and as soon as the shower turns on she sneaks into the bedroom. She doesn’t want me to leave her mother so she will give me what I need. Sliding under the covers she puts me in her mouth and aggressively sucks my cock.

Just then my wife comes back from the shower. I pull the covers over my sucking daughter and hope she doesn’t notice. She yells at me for being lazy and goes off to work. “That was close” Taylor whispers as she takes off her PJ’s and spreads her wet and ready pussy. It’s so wrong to want your daughter, but she’s so tight and she’s desperate to be fucked so bad. I just can’t stop as I plow into her and morning fuck her into oblivion. She can feel my body quiver and she turns around on my shaking cock and sucks my cum down her throat. “I love daddy’s cum” She purrs.

Scene Three: Mom is clueless

I’m just trying to workout and not think about my wife or my daughter. Cory is watching TV and my daughter gives me a evil smile. Sneaking into the gym I’m in the middle of a lift when she puts my cock in her mouth. Just then my wife looks over angrily and asks me if I’m doing anything about my porn addiction.

“I’m working on it” I tell her as Taylor sucks me as hard as she can. I try to make the thrusts into my daughter’s young pussy look like exercises as my wife yells at me. Silently Taylor fucks me, aggressively daring that we will get caught by her mother. I lay her on the bench and give her the facial she always wanted, cumming hard into her open mouth.

Cory thinks I just had a good workout, and I guess she’s right…

Scene Four: Daughter replaces mom

“I wanted to thank you for not watching porn for the last month.” My wife says. She’s been tracking my computer and saw how good I’ve been. She’s even invited my therapist to the house so they can break me of the porn addiction once and for all. My eyes go wide as I understand what that would mean…Taylor walks in.

“Dad didn’t tell you?” Taylor smiles. She reaches out and rubs my cock as they talk. “He’s not addicted to porn anymore, now he’s addicted to me” She says and puts me in her mouth. “You’ve been fucking our daughter!” Cory screams and storms out of the room.

Now with her gone Taylor is in complete control of me. I pull off her tight little panties and give her the ride of her life. Making her cum on my cock like the little slut she is, screaming and quivering. “Cum in my mouth daddy!” She demands, wanting to feel like my good little girl whore. I give her a big load and I’m her’s forever.

Studio: BareBackStudios

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Starring: Taylor Pierce, Cory Chase

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