Bratty school girl gets fucked – Wet Kelly

I am a bratty school girl and I was pissed off because my boyfriend just dumped me. I arrived home ad was talking with my girlfriend. Told her I need to talk urgent with her. I ordered a beer to my mom employee, the guy who mow the lawn. He started to ask me if it is k, I said him what, now you gonna tell my mom? He got me beer and when to leave I stopped him, I told him that I want him to fuck me. He then agreed and told me how much he loves to watch and spy me, masturbate thinking of me. I let him fuck me and asked his cum over my face and tits. He fucked me hard , so good. Loved it

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Starring: Wet Kelly

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Size: 1.3 Gib

Duration: 00:13:41 min

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Format video: mp4

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