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The sorority girls are initiating a new member into their slutty sisterhood. The new initiate, Mora, might be the sexiest sister yet! Accordingly, the sisters have an extra hot challenge in store for her. They blindfold Moka and put her on her knees. The bubbly bimbo is trembling in anticipation! What could the surprise be? The sisters lead in the young stud and he approaches Mora. Like a cock-hound, Mora senses the man’s member inches in front of her face. She feels her hands up the guy’s pants blindly, until they finally zero in on the bulge in his crotch. Even while blindfolded, it only takes a second for Moka to coax a trouser snake from its lair! The girls look on in giddy delight. Moka knows what to do with a stiff cock. She strokes it apprehensively at first, feeling it grow bigger and harder in her tiny hand. She has to have the cock in her mouth now! She slurps hungrily at the head of the hunk’s member and works her tongue up and down the shaft. The sorority sisters giggle and chatter. They can’t believe how much she likes this cock! Finally, they decide to let Moka in on the surprise. One of the sisters leans over and lifts the blindfold from Moka’s beautiful eyes. She looks up at the man whose knob she’s been slobbering and is startled to find her big brother Nathan looking down at her! She’s surprised but not deterred and goes right back to town on big bro’s big boner! The other sisters decide to join the fun. They begin stripping and caressing each other’s lovely bodies while the two sexy sibling go at it. Moka decides to go all in; she rides Nathan’s cock one way then the other, before slurping her juices off his johnson, and catching a nice money shot from her bro! This little slut is going to fit right in at the sorority.

Studio: The Tabooddhist

Keywords: blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy on floor, cum on face and tits, Taboo

Starring: Moka Mora

File Information :

Size: 461 Mib

Duration: 00:13:35 min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4


0912_Moka Mora – Blind Incest.mp4 – 461.07 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Meolo says:

    Gli incesti eccitano di più perchè proibiti, io adoro leggere di storie incestuose padre e figlio o madre e figlia però che i figli abbiano al massimo 12 anni. Ovviamente storie di pura fantasia , sia chiaro!

  2. simple says:

    Good taboo but the girls in taboo should be soft body and also Asian like Indians

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